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We are an inbound travel agency (license GC-001533) based in Vilaseca, Costa Daurada, specializing in B2B services for travel agencies and tour companies. Our expertise includes organizing group tours, sporting events, and language workshops. We are dedicated to providing the best custom-made trips to fit your budget, ensuring a memorable experience created by our professional staff.



Our Offerings for Your Ideal Group Getaway

Sport Packages

Customized sports travel packages for various sports, with  friendly matches, referees, and coaches.

Linguistic Packages

Coordinate and facilitate immersive and engaging activities tailored to your group’s interests.

Corporate Packages

Customized travel packages for team building and relaxation, tailored to corporate needs.

Choose your Extras

Enhance your trip with a variety of optional extras, from guided tours to cultural workshops.



Our Passion for Crafting Unique Adventures

Sol Active Tours specializes in personalized group trips and corporate events, providing accommodation, unique activities, and tailored experiences.

Experience unforgettable adventures with our custom packages.



Our Business-to-Business Expertise

We work business-to-business, and some of our clients include tour operators, companies, travel agencies, schools, clubs, and universities. We have a wide range of suppliers with whom we have excellent collaboration and long-standing, trustworthy relationships.


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Why Us?

Our Unique Offerings

Personalized Experiences

Tailor-made packages catering to all your traveling needs and desires.

Local Expertise

Extensive network and regional knowledge ensuring unique and immersive experiences.

Memorable Adventures

Create lasting memories with our unforgettable Spanish escapades.


What Our Customers Say


Sol Active Tours provided an incredible experience, blending sport and culture seamlessly. The attention to detail made our trip unforgettable.

Michael Scott


I cannot recommend Sol Active Tours enough! Their personalized approach truly sets them apart. A fantastic journey from start to finish.

Jean-Luc Marion


As a group organizer, I was thoroughly impressed by Sol Active Tours’ professionalism and ability to create a unique and memorable trip for our team. Every aspect was well planned and executed.

Emily Davis


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